Homes, which we’d like to be our sanctuaries, can become distressing when they don’t work and you feel surrounded by clutter.

It weighs you down, and often we try to ignore it but the clutter doesn’t go away. It sits, either in the cupboard or visibly around the house taking up emotional space in your heart and mind and practical space in your house. And, more often than not, attempts to tidy are unsuccessful.

I can help you let go of the clutter and organise your home so it is a pleasure to walk into a room or open a cupboard to put something away.

My role is to facilitate and guide you on the best way to approach the process, identifying what to keep, what to give away and what is no longer useful. I can make suggestions on how to make the most of your storage, on re-homing items so your home can become more organised, tidier and function better for you. I will be non-judgemental, patient and encouraging. I won’t make decisions for you, but I will take the stress out of de-cluttering to make it as effortless as possible. De-cluttering and re-organising can be a fun, happy and positive experience.

How can I help?

I am able to help people in a variety of circumstances. Whether moving house, having a baby, dealing with a bereavement, have a mountain or paperwork, are surrounded with outgrown children's clothes and toys, having bulging garages attics or sheds or you just need a helping hand with general clutter.

Why pay a professional organiser?

Working alongside you I can provide a mixture of advice and practical hands-on help, ensuring the tasks get done. Providing focus and preventing the project from getting side tracked or becoming overwhelming is also essential particularly if you have attempted to de-clutter on your own. It is easier to stay motivated and positive when working together.

Next Step

Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 07972188807 to arrange for me to visit you at home for an initial consultation. This first consultation will identify some broad goals that you are looking to achieve both in terms of the work to be done and the an estimate of the time required.