How much does the service cost?

The initial consultation which will take between 30 and 40 minutes costs £25. Thereafter my hourly rate is,

1 Session - £105 - 3 Hours @ £35 Per Hour

Working for a minimum of 3 hours ensures that there is sufficient time to achieve your goals

Double Session - £180 - 6 Hours @ £30 Per Hour

2 lots of 3 hrs to be used when needed.

Day rate - £175 - 7 hours @ £25 Per Hour

Best value for money.  We can cover a variety of rooms and tasks and add extra sessions if and when needed.

How long does the process take?

We should have a rough idea of how much time we will take as a result of our initial discussions of what you would like to achieve, how much clutter you have and so on.

I always suggest that we work for a minimum of three hours so as to ensure that we achieve some beneficial results for you. We can always book in extra hrs/days should you wish to extend the project to other rooms or even the whole house.